Welcome to Mallorca! I’m Jake James and I’m
going to show you how spending just two days of your holiday out the resort could make
it so much better. What comes into your mind when you hear the name Mallorca? If you’re
from the UK like me, there’s a pretty good chance that we all picture it in a similar
way. Magaluf and package holidays. But that’s an image that is so unfair, because this wonderful
island has so much more to give. Mallorca is a part of Spain – more specifically, it’s
the largest of the Balearic islands. Its location in the Mediterranean means that the sun shines
all year round. Many come to Mallorca for the glow of its white sandy beaches. Mallorca
has a population of around 900,000 people – but 28 million people pass through Mallorca’s
main airport every year, roughly equivalent to a third of
the UK population. Mallorca’s landscape is dominated by two mountain ranges – Serra
de Tramuntana and Serra de Llevant. These roads through the mountains are some of the
most beautiful drives in the world. While you’re here, why not enjoy those roads in
an electric car? Mallorca has pledged that by 2050, only electric vehicles will be permitted
on the island, and charging points are everywhere. Or, if you’re the one full of energy, Mallorca
attracts around 150,000 cycling tourists every year – and the mountains are mapped with dozens
of hiking routes that take you all over the island. There’s so much to see and do in
Mallorca, but that image of a cheap party holiday still exists. There’s nothing evil
about treating yourself to a hassle free resort – your holiday time is valuable, and finding
a chance to relax these days is a luxury itself. But we wanted to show you More of Mallorca.
Show you how to get more out of your holiday – and still leave you with plenty of time
to get the relaxation you deserve. Do you want to know the secret to a hassle-free
start to your trip? It’s an airport lounge. Away from the hustle and bustle you can enjoy
some lunch, a few drinks and generally just enjoy a much more chilled out atmosphere than
the terminal. After boarding our plane and enjoying a flight of maybe just over two hours,
we arrived at Palma de Mallorca Airport. So we’re off the plane, heading to pick
up our checked luggage. Flight was only about two hours, so it wasn’t too bad, but y’know.
I’m 6”2” so I would have liked a bit more leg room than RyanAir would have given
me for free, but yeah! And then after we grab our luggage, head to
our transfer, which will take us to our accommodation. Which we’ve booked in advance so the guy
should be there waiting for us with a little sign. Hop in the car, and off we go! Booking our transfer in advance meant a door-to-door
service – which was ideal for us, and saved us so much time and stress. We’d definitely
recommend it. But for now, after a long journey it was time to get plenty of rest before the
busy trip ahead.  In 2011, the Tramuntana mountain range was awarded World Heritage
Status – as an area of great physical and cultural significance. Nestled in these mountains,
just a 15-20 minute drive from Palma in our electric hire car, is a little town called
Valldemossa. It’s a picturesque place – like something from a film. When you arrive, you’re
surrounded with lush greenery, wildflowers and the fresh smell of citrus. With a population
of around 2,000 people, this place is a little sanctuary of blonde stone architecture in
a sea of green. So Valldemossa is a stunning tourist destination and you can really get
like a feel of early Spanish culture here in the architecture and there’s loads of cafes
and restaurants where you can get loads of Spanish food as well but it’s got a special
place in the hearts of the people of Mallorca because it’s also the birthplace of Catalina
Thomas who is the patron saint of Mallorca. But if you’re more captivated by the landscape
than the history, and who could blame you, the Tramuntana mountains surrounding Valldemossa
are covered with a network of well-signed hiking trails leading to surrounding villages. The
countryside around Valldemossa is stunning and taking a hike is the perfect way to see
it. But if you are gonna do it – be clever, right? Make sure you stay hydrated, take plenty
of water, and suncream as well because these hikes can get long, very sunny. And the last
thing you want on your holiday is to be sunburned, dehydrated and… ratty. So be clever! Some
of these hikes can take up to five hours – but if you’re short on time like we were, you
can just walk until you’re satisfied then head back down to Valldemossa. So at most
the car parks we’ve been to so far actually have charging stations in them as well so
you shouldn’t fear about getting an electric car cuz you can we have to charge it wherever
you go. Each of Mallorca’s small, scattered towns has an authenticity that’s hard to
find nearer the coast – and the town of Sóller is no different. So the name of the town pronounced
so-yer but it’s spelled ‘soller’. In case need that for your sat-nav. S-o-l-l-e-r
in case you need that for your SatNav, and that’s because in Spanish a Double L sound
makes something between a Y and and J like a ‘YJUH’ which is why you’ll see Mallorca
spelled with an L and also with a J because it’s called Mallorca. During the 19th century,
Sóller grew rich as a major exporter of olives and citrus fruit. This money helped the town
invest into fantastic modernist architecture and railway connections – something the town
is just as famous for today as it is for delicious oranges. The railway and the tram are an
iconic part of Sóller – the bold, orange wooden trams pass through the streets, and
pedestrians stop to watch them go by. We came to Soller in our hire car – the driving
routes are beautiful, we didn’t regret it – but we just couldn’t miss out on that
famous train either. We left the car parked safely in Sóller, and caught the wooden tram
down to our next destination. The 20-minute tram journey takes you down out of the valley
that protects Sóller to the sea, and along the cost of a quiet seaside resort town called
Port de Sóller. Port de Sóller was originally a small fishing village designed to service
the main town of Sóller. The tramline that was made to connect the sister towns is still
used today for transporting supplies back and forth – like olives, fish, and – you guessed
it – oranges. So if you’re looking for more ways to eat more delicious Mallorcan oranges
you can get one of these. It’s called an Orange Sóller and it’s made with orange juice, ice
cream and cream. You can get them down here in Port De Sóller and also up in the main
Sóller town as well. It’s so nice – just tastes so fresh. Unlike infamous resort towns
like Magaluf and Palmanova to the south, Port De Sóller came through the tourism overdevelopment
stage in the 70s and 80s relatively unscathed. But these resort towns aren’t pure evil
in nature, not at all. 80% of the island’s economy based on tourism, and some estimates
suggest that Mallorcan people have the highest standard of living in Spain. However, it’s
still a good move to think cleverly about where you’re putting your Euros while you’re
here. Because the way I see it, you shouldn’t feel guilty about staying in a resort, right?
That’s your relaxation time. You’ve earned it, you pay for it, but if you’re going to
spend 14 days and 14 nights as a log on a lounger with a cocktail in your hand… it’s
just a waste. There’s so much to do and see out in the places you visit and you can put
some money back into the local economy – why wouldn’t you, you know? Visiting local businesses
directly supports the Mallorcan people, rather than giving your money to a big brand that’s
probably not based on the island. And if you’re looking to spend an evening away
from your relaxing resort, then the tranquil Port de Sóller may be just the place. Down
by the sea away from the mountains that cradle the main town, Port de Sóller faces out from
the West coast of the island, meaning there are beautiful sunsets to enjoy. But it’s
also just… it’s really relaxing. It’s nice and quiet down here. It might be because – you
know we’re here at the end of the day – but when we were up in Sóller it was just.. erm…
it was lovely but it was really busy. Like there were loads of tourists coming in from
Palma and the queues for the trains back to Palma were really long but here it’s just
slower. A bit more easy going, you know? Really nice way to end the day I think. We had dinner
here as the evening rolled in, and for me it was one of the highlights of the trip,
and the perfect way to end a busy day full of hikes, railways and exploring. I hope
you’ll tune in, in just a bit for day two where we’re gonna start off in the city of
Palma – which is the capital of Majorca, and yeah. So we’re gonna head back to our accommodation
soon but we have so much more lined up tomorrow. Even if you weren’t planning on visiting
Palma, you’ll know it because it’s Mallorca’s main airport – and this town’s also the
capital of the island. So here’s a few things you might not have known about Palma. Palma
de Mallorca Airport serves over 29 million passengers per year – and will most likely
be the way you reach the island on your holiday. Palma was founded thousands of years ago as
a Roman camp on the island, but today, the urban area of Palma is home to 550,000 people
– which is over half of this island’s total population. But as big and impressive as this
city is, Palma does a wonderful job of preserving an intimate feeling of Mallorcan culture.
It’s in the old town streets, it’s in the insanely delicious orange juice, and it’s
in the amazing food. There’s just so much to try – even if you’re in a rush, do try
to nip into a bakery and pick up some delicious pastries. Like an ensaiimada which is a kind
of Mallorcan pastry that comes with all kinds of sweet fillings. This one is chocolate. But
for our breakfast, rather than just chase my sweet tooth, we thought we’d go with
something a little healthier. Now normally I’m an English Breakfast kind of guy – I
love a fry up to give me the energy for the day ahead. But I thought I’d try something
a little different this morning – a vegetarian bagel restaurant called, Bagel! In Bagel,
the ingredients are locally sourced and the bagels are cooked on-site fresh every day.
The location, smack bang in the middle of Palma Old Town, means it’s a great place
to visit for a quick bite while you’re exploring the city. I can’t overstate how good the
food was. It was absolutely delicious and I think that going to places that are not
only locally sourced, but also vegan and vegetarian, is a good way to get out of your comfort zone.
You know, vegetarian food is so much better for the environment. It’s good for your health
as well to sometimes spend a little bit of time away from the red meats and processed
meats. So finding somewhere that’s locally sourced and preferably vegetarian or vegan
to try something new is definitely something I’d recommend! Palma has no shortage of trendy,
cool little restaurants, cafés and stores. If a vegetarian bagel restaurant isn’t your
style, then there’s still plenty of other places that might tickle your fancy. You’ll
find plenty of them in one of Palma’s most stylish neighbourhoods – Santa Catalina. It might sound familiar – this historic fishing
neighborhood shares its name with Saint Catalina Thomas, who we mentioned yesterday was born
in Valldemossa. If you’re a foodie, you’ll want for nothing in Santa Catalina. But if
you’re not quite ready for a sit down meal, try the Mercat de Santa Catalina, Palma’s
oldest food market. There are grocers selling locally sourced produce like they have for
generations, but the building is outlined by really cool bars and restaurants and I’d
quite happily have spent the afternoon there trying everything – but time was getting on,
and we had more places to visit before the day was through. Look to the west from Palma,
and you’ll see ancient towers peeking out above the greenery that blankets the mountain
side – Castel de Bellver, or Bellver Castle. So even if you’re not – you know – a big nerd
for history and culture like I am when you’re on holiday, you should still come up here
because you haven’t seen Palma until you’ve seen it from up there. The view of Palma from
the castle is renowned for being absolutely stunning – in fact, the name of the castle,
Bellver, means ‘lovely view’ in Catalan. This would have been the perfect place to
watch as the afternoon sun lowered in the sky, but we had somewhere else we wanted to
see before the day was through. The Port of Palma is the biggest port in the Balearic
Islands. The port serves all kinds – commercial cargo, recreational sailing, fishing, and
private boat hire included – you can expect to see many enormous, luxurious cruise ships
docked here. The wealth of facilities and attractions here have lead it to become one
of the most important cruise ports in the entire Mediterranean. The
harbor is a really lovely part of Palma. As you can see, you get some pretty gorgeous
sunsets. There’s loads of bars and restaurants around here as well that give you some really
great views out onto the water. So if you’re thinking of a way to end a day, end it at
the harbor. Mallorca is full of life – but as evening arrives in the harbour, the scorching
sun mixes perfectly with the cool sea air – and it’s impossible not to unwind. It
was the perfect place to end our trip. So it’s the end of our time together. And I hope
if you take one thing away from this guide that it’s that – you know – it only takes
two days of your time to just get so much more out of your holiday. Just two days away
from the pool and the cocktail, which we know not to feel guilty about, you’ve earned your
relaxation. But it’s such a small investment of your time to just get out into Mallorca
and see how much it has to offer. You know? Just do so much more, see so much more. It
really is a fantastic place and you’re not seeing the best of it if you just stay inside
the walls of your resort. So I hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed making
it, and I hope that you have a really awesome holiday in Mallorca. My name is Jake James
and I’ll see you soon. Have you been to Mallorca before? Let us know what you thought – and
if we missed anything about Mallorca that you loved then we’d love to hear about it,
let us know in the comments below. You’ll find loads more travel guides like this on
our channel from locations all over the world. And again, thanks for watching, I hope you
enjoyed. Bye!

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