БЕЗ ХЛОПОТ! Вкуснейший СОЧНЫЙ ЛЕНИВЫЙ ПИРОГ с МЯСОМ и грибами на скорую руку Люда Изи Кук Пирог

[music] Hello dear friends, today we to cook a delicious cake with jellied meat filling all the charm of these pies is that they prepare incredibly fast and just as hearty and very obtained delicious look what a beauty turned fragrant and delicious with tender dough and many many toppings I think that men are more likely to be enthusiastic about the the pie because there is a lot of meat, such pies as a magic wand for busy housewife and of course they can be do a variety of pie filling tender juicy and it is well propoksya the top and bottom of the piece of the pie nobody will be able to give first Prepare the filling I turned heat up a frying pan and pour vegetable oil rarely garlic garlic I cut finely [music] and finely cut large onion [music] onions and garlic fry on post pan fry until a beautiful golden color into small pieces less often Champignon I have them about 200 grams [music] Sauté the onion and send the pan mushrooms and fry until golden color mushrooms and onions and a bit of themselves guide does not of course pepper stuffing for flood pies may be the most I have a different channel has already several kinds of mushrooms dawn with horns with browned onion It is vaporized all the moisture look They got here such suchenki in fact here I do not have enough Oil shift the mushrooms and onions in bowl I return the pan on the stove and will fry I add a little vegetable stuffing oils Beef 500 grams of any over high heat so you would not let Of course too much juice to the recipe can be used and minced pork and minced chicken salute add black pepper, I really like the patch cumin beef so I add one teaspoon teaspoon of dried garlic and tea a spoonful of paprika Of course you can use any What do you like spice beef cooked very quickly so I actually minced fried in During the 10 minutes no more I send it in a bowl with mushrooms [music] Stir the filling was very juicy wonderful now it is necessary here add just a little bit of green course greens, add optional I here a small bunch of parsley finely chopped and should definitely try stuffing to taste salt and enough other spices prepare very tasty dough for the filling of the pie, and for this I need about 200 grams flour, two eggs of large size 200 grams of yogurt 150 grams of sour cream I I use fat sour cream 50 grams of melted butter oil 14 grams of baking powder for the dough I will also add dried garlic 1 teaspoonful and half teaspoon salt in bowl smash eggs add salt well stirred add eggs kefir and sour cream and pour melted butter oil all stirred sift flour baking powder for the dough and dried garlic well the whole was stirred to homogeneity as you can see literally 5 minutes and the dough ready for density dough like sour cream on the thick cream to bake a pie, I’ll in the form of split diameter 24 Cover the bottom of a centimeter parchment paper lightly grease the oil and the bottom and form sides [music] spread form about half of the dough distribute evenly [music] Now I spread the stuffing I have it already slightly warm and is also distributed evenly as you can see a layer of filling is obtained a lot of the cake will be very Delicious smells a meat course just great, I do not much I rammed a slightly smooths and now on top of the remaining spread dough [music] and also evenly distribute the top layer cake as desired, you can sprinkle I have here a sesame black and light sesame cake and now I’m going to well preheated to 180 degrees oven for about 50 to 60 minutes of course you look at your oven pie I pulled out of the oven baked it at me 55 minutes Make sure to check the readiness of cake a wooden skewer or toothpick cake I immediately opened it, I have absolutely no stuck it looks simple on the sides great piece I want to try at once It smells wonderful on my channel around Thousands of delicious recipes to easy find a specific recipe just write searching youtube sequence ludaeasycook and the name of the dish or any word on the subject cake recipes when I was a little cool it I cut a cake course better to bring to the table hot Look how beautiful it turned out fragrant delicious with a delicate dough and many many toppings I wish all bon appetit put huskies write share your comments with this new videos with your friends on social subscribe networks who have not yet signed my ludaeasycook positive channel kitchen all while [music] Dr. doll but [music]

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  2. Как хорошо, что у меня есть такая подружка, всё расскажет, приготовит , даст совет!!! С Людой вкусно !!! Мир Вашему дому!!!

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